Waterbridge Condo Community Rancho Bernardo 92127

Waterbride is possibly one of the best values on Rancho Bernardo Condos that you will find. Waterbridge was actually a apartment conversion done years ago. This community sits just west of the 15 freeway next to the Westwood community, and Westwood Townhomes.ย 

I created a few really helpful resources for you to either buy, sellย  or invest in Waterbridge Condos Rancho Bernardo. For starters I have a link to help you locate condos for sale currently,ย  an amazing market report covering all action in the past year, including current listings, and you can also find out what your condo is worth in RB, NO PROBLEMO!

As of this post there are NO condos listed for sale in Waterbridge, there is 1 pending and there has been PLENTY of sales in the past 12 months.ย  Click here to see my custom WATERBRIDGE Rancho Bernardo Condo Sales Report.